Q&A: What do guys feel about girls texting them first?

Question by Guppy: What do guys feel about girls texting them first?
I know it’s usually guys that start the conversations through text, but that’s because girls are usually shy and dont want to seem too clingy. Guys, what do you feel about girls texting you first?

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Answer by Deficit Hawk is back!
Girls always text me first! lmao.

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8 thoughts on “Q&A: What do guys feel about girls texting them first?”

  1. I feel like im important and tat the girl really likes me and wants to text me but is not good cause then the guy is going to feel too important and will like play hard to get.

  2. OMG i’m a girl. i really like this guy, but i always text him first. and now i’m waiting him for him to text me first instead, so i dont seem pushy or anything like that….

    but he won’t text me!!!!!


  3. So I’m not suppose to be shy or feel clingy? If I’ve known a girl for a long time, I expect her to text or call about as often as I do. It feels like she doesn’t care when she doesn’t, and then I’m sitting at home fighting with myself on whether I should text or call her when I’m the one who has been doing it for like thirty times in a row.

  4. It doesn’t matter if you text first or he does. If a girl texts me first, I get excited. Don’t send excessively long texts. Don’t try to carry on an extended conversation through text (aka textversation), and don’t text every minute of the day.

  5. im a girl and i NEVER txt a guy first…if there interested theyll txt me first if not then i wasnt interested in them either lol…so dudes start strikin up the convo cuz not every girl is gonna come to u

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