Q&A: Turning a texting friend into a girlfriend?

Question by : Turning a texting friend into a girlfriend?
I have been texting this girl that I have a romantic interest in. I have not missed messaging her on any day for almost two months. The problem is that almost all of it is on politics or news items. There is almost nothing romantic in our messages. Once in a while there is a subtle flirt but even that seems to happen less and less. What should I do to change this?

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Answer by wdickgit
Start hanging out with her

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  1. Try meeting up with her. Taking her out to dinner, giving her comments and make sure you take things slow, dont rush into anything.
    I hope this helps!

  2. you shud start the romantic conversation and end this politics junk. something like txting her a smiley face or ask if she wants to hang out or sumthin

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