Q&A: Tips for texting a girl?

Question by tbrad2723: Tips for texting a girl?
im texting a girl that likes me, any tips?

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Answer by Rolexxer
depends what shes saying, and if you like her back.

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  1. Basically, make her laugh, but respond earnestly when she tries to tell you something. If she tells you a story, don’t just say “K” DONT use one word answers, it sort of makes us jump to conclusions which won’t work in your favor. Make it obvious that you’re actually into the conversation. If it seems like you’re into the conversation, it transfers to you’re into HER.
    Overall, don’t overthink anything, that’s our job. Let it flow.

  2. if she likes you but you dont like her, then don’t become her friend or dont answer. you can answer but make it very clear you dont like her or give her the wrong impression.
    However if you do like her, then just be yourself, and DO NOT use what i call conversation stoppers. when she says something that isnt a question, answer with more than “yeah”, “ok”, or “cool”. it will drive her crazy. pretend you’re in person. you’d say more than that to her face right? so do it while texting too.
    good luck and have fun!

    also, flirt, be funny, give her compliments, and never give ONE WORD ANWERS! if you can feel the conversaton dying down, dont try to keep it going, jus say gtg and if you like her, end with i gtg so sorry bye, but i’ll ttyl!

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