Q&A: Threatening to murder a girl and her entire family?

Question by Baptiste: Threatening to murder a girl and her entire family?
Could someone get in trouble for texting a girl from a texting app, saying that you’re going to kill her and her entire family because of something she did to piss someone off?

All of this aside, it is only a joke.
How about a phone call with a masked voice?

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Answer by Dumas McPhail
Dear Jessica,
I see that you’re in a little jam! Mmmmmm, I like jam.

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8 thoughts on “Q&A: Threatening to murder a girl and her entire family?”

  1. sounds fine, go for it, why not kill her pet and leave it in her bedsheets , that might be something to consider, go crazy have fun with it

  2. Yea, you can get in trouble for that. I know someone who had the cops called for harassing them through texts, it was anonymous and yet the cops tracked the number and shown up. Nothing happened, but it wasn’t threatening to kill anyone. It was just being annoying.

  3. Depends if she’s a total hard-ass or not. If she’s easy-going, she’ll take it as a joke. If she acts like a bitch all the time, then she’ll probably get offended/creeped out and call the cops or something.

  4. even though it is a joke yes you could many texting apps can have a report button and they can report what you said even though he/she has pissed you off do it in person.

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