Q&A: This girl wont text me…?

Question by : This girl wont text me…?
I really like this girl and we’ve talked a pretty good amount and through her texts it seems like she is pretty into me. But she won’t text me. Its always me who starts the conversation and I read somewhere that if shes into me then she’ll start up a conversation just as much as I do. So am I right for worrying? Or should I just continue starting the conversations? And when I say we’ve talked alot I mean for hours on end and until 1 or 2 in the morning. And its usually me who ends the conversation, not her.

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Answer by tina
She likes you but she want to play hard you know?thats it.

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  1. No, that’s a good thing. A girl always thinks if they start out the conversation first, they’ll come out as desperate and scare off the guy. The guy always, I mean ALWAYS, has to text first. If you want, you can tell her that she doesn’t have to wait for you. You can tell her how you know that you know girls would think that. She’d understand. But she’s clearly into you if she doesn’t end the conversation. As long as she doesn’t give you one word answers or takes way too long to text back. That wouldn’t be a good thing.

  2. She’s not that into you. If she was , she’d think about you and text you. Or she doesn’t want to feel annoying and rather you text her first. Don’t mind it, your the guy. :p

  3. DONT STOP SPEAKING TO HER!!! i would NEVER text a boy who i liked first!! its your job to do not ours!!! honestly shes into you if shes texting you untill that time. if she didnt like you she wouldnt reply. no girls like texting first we find it awkward and overly keen. You might think well other girls who i liked texted me first, well some girls are different, the ones with more respect and who are harder to get dont text first. Its better to fight for her rather than just have her when you click your fingers

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