Q&A: This girl im texting?

Question by Flight: This girl im texting?
We recently admitted we liked each other over text cause were going to different schools now. But then BAM she disappears? As in she totally stopped texting me, Shes not responding. Is this an act or something? Cause i wanted to tell her to hangout and talk about it or somthing.

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Answer by Tony
She simply lost interest

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: This girl im texting?”

  1. She doesn’t like you anymore believe me this happened to me with one of my ex’s we were fine one day then the next, same things happened then he broke up with me after about a month of doing that to me.

  2. she fell for someone else dog, just quit texting her and act like you dont even care. in the end if she really misses you she’ll come back you. but she feels like she’s got it all, if she’s got the hots for some other guy and then you tryin to get at her on the side. so just move on, dont put all your emotions in to one girl cause you’ll just get hurt in the end. she obviously didnt put all her feelings into you.

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