Q&A: Things to text a girl to seduce her?

Question by : Things to text a girl to seduce her?
Things to text a girl: can you guys recommend me some flirty things to text a girl? I would like to seduce her and get a date, please tell me some things to text a girl that can help me seduce her.

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hi dear

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  1. 1) ask girl for help in seducing girl
    2) she tells u what to say
    3) say them back to her
    4) her panties are moist


  2. Depending on what kind of girl she is seducing her before getting a date isn’t the best thing to do, if you actually want to be boyfriend and girlfriend say something like “you’re so cute sometimes’ but that only works when she says something a little ditsy or if you just what to get in her pants try and make her laugh but also be a bit cunning when you say it I’m not to sure what you could say but if you make her laugh she will probably think he is funny and you may win her over for a date hope it help.

  3. As a job I specialize in teaching people things to text a girl to seduce her.

    So here is my most important tip as things to text a girl.


    What do I mean? When you met her, what did you joke with her about ?

    I’ll give you an example. Let’s say that you meet a girl and you joke with her because she says she needs to go back home soon, so you say that she’s daddy’s little girl, under his control. You can re-start the conversation via text messages saying something like:

    “Hey name, does your father give you permission to go out this afternoon for a tea together? ”

    Remember, in your flirty things to text to a girl use smilies. That’s because written text can’t convey emotions like being in front of the person and some misunderstanding can come up in the text to send a girl you like.

    If you want to find out tips #2 and #3 (even more outstanding) visit my website.

  4. Jst say her tat i want to tak u manytng abt our lif she wil cme then expln her abt her body structure nd strt touch her nipples nd start to suck bec grls weak pnt s 1nly 1 wen guys gve them oral x

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