Q&A: texting this girl, not sure how though?

Question by gamer: texting this girl, not sure how though?
so i text this girl I met every so often to try and be friends, sometime well have long conversions and other time it’ll be just 1 or 2 sentences. but more often then nt she only replies with one word text or doesn’t reply. So ill stop texting her for awhile and she’ll always eventually text hows it going stranger and start a conversion at that. so how would i try to have more streamlined (i guess is the word) text/conversations

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Answer by Elaine
It seems like she wants to talk to u but keeping up a convo has to be a mutual thing.

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  1. Call her, stop texting so much and use the phone for the main purpose it was created. She is getting a text from many people every day and they bore her to death as any text message does anyone with a brain. Call her, speak to her, let her hear your voice and be more than a broken english abbreviated pixel on a a small screen. If there was no such thing as texting, how would you communicate with her?

  2. Just try to keep the conversation going as much as you can, don’t be annoying, if she isn’t answering sometimes she probably is just busy. Sometimes when I get a message from a guy and I am busy I will ignore it then I forget later haha, she probably does the same. But when she is responding keep talking and try to keep it interesting, don’t just say “sup” “hey” “oh cool” “k”….things like that kill the mood and don’t make girls want to keep texting you.

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