Q&A: texting girls……..?

Question by : texting girls……..?
I’ve been texting this girl for a couple months every day. I really like her, but now I’ve finally run out of things to say to her, and i don’t want to outright tell her that I like her, so what should I talk to her about, and how else do i let her know that I really like her and how do i know if she likes me back?

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Alright first of never tell a girl you like her or it’s pretty much over… Go on a walk with her and put your arm over her shoulder and see how she responds

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  1. Talk about a new music group you found or something, ask what music she likes. Talk about a school teacher you both have, or common interests. If she likes something you like, like soccer or video games, ask if she wants to hang sometime to do that activity with you.

  2. when i texted the person im with right now before we started going out just did his best to bring the subject of relationships in to the convo..and if thts too straight forward ask about their day and if they dont rlly have much to say about it tell them about your day..girls dont mind listening either 🙂 but if you can think rlly hard about how what they said could give you an idea of a clever flirtatious response

  3. She could be shy so don’t tell her you like her or she won’t know how to react.

    Try hanging out with her in person a lot and getting close before you make any moves.

  4. The only way to find out is ask her on a date. You will never know otherwise. Don’t ever go on without telling her how you really feel. That is how opportunities are missed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people crush on each other and they completely missed out due to fear or rejection. Rejection is a part of life. Don’t listen to the person who said never tell a girl. You will never get a girlfriend that what. The guy I’m seeing now I would have never got together with if he hadn’t told me how he felt because I would have never known. I wasn’t crushing on him, but once he told me how he felt about me I was willing to give him a chance and now I’m crazy about him.

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