Q&A: Texting girls question?

Question by Solo Dolo: Texting girls question?
How do you know when you are annoying her? I mean, I really don’t know if I’m annoying a girl by texting her a lot. I try to keep conversations going, I don’t know if this is the right thing to do or not. Should I just wait a long time before texting her again if she starts going with short answers? The thing is, her best friend said that its just how she is. Like she just doesn’t text much, you know… not carrying much of the conversation. Other girls are just you know all over the texting thing, and could carry the text conversation pretty well. she can’t, and I always wonder if she is getting annoyed or not. Should I straight up ask her if she gets annoyed or no…

Also, what would be good to talk about with her? Just in case I need it. We talk about music, movies, her life, and hair. I need something more specific than that you know what I mean? Something open ended that could get a dying conversation going… she only talks a lot, like most girls, in the middle of the night.

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Answer by stevenmcconnon
I only use text messages to set up dates. I leave the conversations for in person.
I also wait a long time before texting the girl, it makes me seem busy which is good.

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  1. 1st see if she has a dam text plan ot all things are free an thigns add up.
    maybe she is shy.
    talk about clothes music food stores is she likes hot topics or wotever.. in the middle of the night thas me.. only i talk about night time things 🙂
    so.. ask her what ya want to know about her goals hobbies what turns her on pick a truth or dare subject.. etc an a game u start ok im going here and im wearing this etc an then u say i am about to do this and she finishes your sentence see where her humor is at an u do it fro her an u both will have some laughs to get things going.. you failed ot mention how old u are how well u know her what level u want to know here etc

  2. i don’t think that she’s getting annoyed
    just ask her what she likes doing and try and keep the conversation about her what chick complains that all she does is talka bout her self

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