Q&A: Texting a girl you don’t even know?

Question by Dr. R. Jackson: Texting a girl you don’t even know?
This girl I go to school with gave me her number over Facebook. It was one of those situations where she post a status saying, “Like my status and I’ll give you my number”. I guess she post it just to see who would actually want her number – I don’t know, I ended up liking her status and getting a message with her number stored inside. I mean, I’ve seen this girl around school, but she’s a grade lower than me, we’ve made eye contact for quite some time, but for the most part I’ve never said a word to the girl. I honestly don’t even know why I’m friends with her on Facebook. But anyway, should I text this little chick? I mean, I don’t even know what to text b/c, once again, I’ve never said a word to this girl.

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  1. I suggest you don’t. Really, there is nothing to be gained from texting someone you don’t know that well, especially from those Facebook, “like and I’ll give you my number.”
    Usually these are just pranks or just ways to get attention.
    Also, not that I know this girl or anything, but when a stranger, or even someone who goes to the same school, but doesn’t really know each other, starts texting her, the girl will probably say stuff like, “who the hell is this guy, eww.”

    It’s always best to meet someone in person first.

  2. Well In All Honesty It’s Your Choice But Try It And See What Come’s Out Of It. You May Make A New Friend Out Of It!

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