Q&A: Texting a girl… is it bad to?

Question by putmynumberinyourphone: Texting a girl… is it bad to?
I just ask because i went on a date with this girl i had been texting for a while ( i never met her in person before this) and it turned out akward cause we never talked in real life. so im pretty cynical about texting to build into a relationship. opinions?

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Answer by Kim-chi
I guess it would depend on the person. Some people are more open online or other methods that don’t involve seeing a person, usually because they are shy.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Texting a girl… is it bad to?”

  1. if you meet someone on a group date, then get that person’s #
    at least youve met, and if you make plans to meet again, doing it VIA text, then i dont think thats the problem.
    i think girls prefer it if guys contact them, in anyway.
    thats my opinion tho, cause im a girl.

  2. call her. keep dating her. hang with her more. don’t really got to stop texting. i would recommend calling more than texting though

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