Q&A: Text or not text a girl after date?

Question by Linh: Text or not text a girl after date?
I’m a guy..

Should guy or girl text first after a date (tongue kiss, long hug, sweet talk)? Should I text her or wait till she texts me? Is she waiting for me to text her? Girls opinion?


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Answer by djaca70
What is wrong with calling her. Are you that insecure after you kissed, hugged, and sweet talked?

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  1. Text her first but wait until the morning in the next day and just say something nice like ‘good morning.’ If you don’t text her first she will probably think you dont like her or you didn’t enjoy the date.

  2. She is probley waiting for you to text her first when a guy texts a girl first it show that he cares and wasn’t just using her

  3. She’s waiting for you to text her! we all do it, but it wwould probably make her feel 10 times better if you call her. I hope the best for you two!(:

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