Q&A: Text or call a girl you just met?

Question by shakethejake08: Text or call a girl you just met?
I’m interested in this girl who I just met out at the bar friday night. We only danced for like 10-15 minutes but she came up to me and put her number in my phone. We texted a little that night and into the next day but not a whole lot. She seemed interested and was keeping a conversation going by asking questions and giving me more than a few word responses.

Anyways, I sent the last text yesterday afternoon that she never responded to. That’s cool because the conversation had to end somewhere. My question to you is should I call her or text her the next time I try to contact her? I feel that texting is more socially acceptable and would be the safest bet but I feel that a phone call that goes really would could have a huge upside to it. It also obviously has the biggest downside if it goes wrong haha.

In case you were wondering, I am 22 and a recent college graduate. She is about to be 21 and a junior in college. We only live 30 minutes away from one another (while she’s on break) and we met up downtown so there is always the possibility of that happening again.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Answer by Spade
Might as well text her. I mean… she did give you her number after all

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  1. Girls respond to texts that are emotional. Text her something funny, clever or witty so that you stand out from the crowd.

    For example: “I’m considering getting my dog a tramp
    stamp… do you know any good tattoo artists?”

    How could she not laugh at that? Hey, how are you, what’s up. That stuff doesn’t work on girls who are worth it. That’s because everyone else is texting them that.

    Be different and see how fast she’ll reply to you.

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