Q&A: Should I text this girl?

Question by Glead: Should I text this girl?
I have been talking to this girl in school a lot. I really like her but not sure if she likes me. We hung out the whole high-school football game and everything but I don’t know if I should text her. I don’t want to sound desperate or annoying. So do you think I should start texting her to? I really don’t want to mess it up with this girl. And also if you think I should text her what’s the best way to keep a conversation going I”m not good at that stuff:/

Best answer:

Yeah text her.

Its like, would you like it if a girl texted you? of course!

Same shit with girls.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Should I text this girl?”

  1. text her! she is probably sitting at home waiting for you to text her just say “hey whats up” girls never want to make the first move and are always waiting for guys to make the first move! keep the conversation going by talking out movies and what u guys have in common! hope i helped!

  2. Do it! Don’t be afraid! I’d love it if guys were always the ones to make the first move!

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