Q&A: Should I text this girl now and what should I say if I dooooo?

Question by : Should I text this girl now and what should I say if I dooooo?
So this girl texted me first on monday (because i guess she must of felt bad for being a ***** to me on sunday) and we talked the whole night and had a great time. I know its small but when I said goodnight I said “goodnight!” and she said “night jake :)”. In past times she usually has just done the exclamation mark.

I know I’m over thinking that part but who knows..Basically we talked in person tuesday and I didn’t text her that day. But Wednesday, yesterday after we talked in person, I texted her first finally. We were flirting….a ton! We were probably back and forth for a good three hours. And then I had to go to swim practice, so i said i would text her when i got out. So three hours later I texted her again. She replied in like six minutes. Then I sent a fairly long message and she never texted me back. She hasn’t messaged me since. Is she playing games? What should I do from here? Should I wait for her to text me again or should I try texting her again soon?

And if you think I should text her today (since its now been a day and a half since she didn’t text me back…what should i say? Just hey whats up?
like dinosaurs—i agree with u….but school is over now hahaha

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Answer by Dominic
It seems to me that you are the clingy type and she is a flirt. Best advice I can give you is leave this chick alone until she texts you. When/If she does, you will probably text her back in seconds right…lol… leave some time between texts because if you don’t… you look like a stalker/needy. If you don’t know by now, girls don’t like that grasshoppa.

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  1. Well yeah you might be over thinking this a little too much,but it’s okay because you like her.Anyway,I don’t really think she’s playing games,maybe she was just busy or didn’t feel like texting.If I were you,I would text her and like you said,just say hey what’s up?If she doesn’t text back then just leave her alone.

  2. She said “night jake :)” and your yahoo name is Joe? Hmmm…

    Anyways to answer your question, I don’t think you were overthinking that part when she said goodnight to you, it does kinda seem like she likes you.

    And what did the long message say? I don’t think you should text her again (unless she texts you first). Just talk to her in person during school and if things go well, then you can text after school or whatever.

    EDIT: Oh right, school is over…. ummm…. Well maybe you can make plans to hang out with a big group of friends and she can be there too? Sorry, I don’t know 🙁

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