Q&A: Should I text this girl everyday?

Question by Gustavo Fring: Should I text this girl everyday?
I met this girl, not really my girlfriend but she knows I like her and her friends say she likes me. Anyway I had a good text conversation with her today, then I had to go somewhere so I said I’d text her later. I’m not sure if I should text her tomorrow, because I don’t want to look needy/clingy but at the same time I’m afraid she’ll be expecting me to text her.
If it makes a difference we’re in high school and don’t have licenses yet so we can’t exactly visit each other regularly.

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Answer by AnonymousBallet
text her 🙂

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  1. Wait tell tomorrow but when she responds don’t reply right away. Wait about 15 min so you don’t seem obsessive. Good luck 🙂

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