Q&A: Should I stop texting her and see how she responds?

Question by A_Guy: Should I stop texting her and see how she responds?
I have been texting this girl I am interested in and seem to be the one initiating the texting. At what point do I step back and let her take the lead with being the one to text?

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Answer by Be De
probably now

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  1. Right now. If you are asking this question, then you have initiated one too many times with her and you need to back off immediately. I am in the same situation and advise you to just carry on with your regular life, and if you are as important to the girl as she is to you, she will contact you. Otherwise, it was not worth it anyway and you’ll find someone better.

  2. Maybe she’s unsure of you…just because you’ve seen what you could have with her before she has doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give her a chance. Move on from the texting and spend some face-to-face time with her.

  3. stp texting her and wait for her to text you.If you are the one who is always initiating the conversation,then she will use that to her advantage and make you seem like her bitch.sorry but that’s how girls are.
    let her text you, so you don’t seem desperate, because girls will use that to their advantage and keep you on your toes and treat you like their bitch. for example: making you buy her shit,piking her up, doing everything for her, she’s gonna feel like a princess.
    Don’t let her achieve that status

  4. i would give her sometime to text you back don’t hoard her because it will show her that you are a little too pushy and sometimes (girls do think this i know i have) might give the sign you are a player. let her take the lead and see what happens

  5. Stop texting her and wait until she starts the conversation. Also consider she may be busy and that’s why she doesn’t always start the texting. Here’s an example though: My boyfriend never calls me first because I’ve always been the one to call him first so since he knows I will call he just waits for me to.

  6. i have a guy that txt me everyday and it gets really annoying actually so just leave her for a day and she if she txt u first r not! if not then she mite be like y hasnt he txtd me r sumthin so ya never no but just see how she responds without u txtn her first!

  7. I’m a girl and I think that you should not stop texting her. Don’t text her everyday though because you don’t want to seem clingy. Maybe talk in person, get to know her better, ask her out when and if you are comfortable around her.

  8. If she is really interested in you, she will initiate some of the texts as well. If you are always the one doing this, it can come accross as pushy and desperate, and nobody wants to have one of those in their lives. Step back and follow her lead. If she doesn’t text, you will know why.

  9. I know I hated this guy becaus he was really annoying and texting me all the tme. But once he stopped I kind of started liking him. soo….

  10. She should text once in a while. BUt usually the guy should take the lead. Don’t put yourself in a position where she knows she has you on a string and can take your attention for granted. She will move on to a bigger challenge. I say you can still text first but just not as often and try to leave her wanting more. If you make her laugh, then stop texting or say you gotta go. Trust me it makes people want more of your attention. They key is to not be boring or annoying

  11. What is up with the testing?,, that is right,, I said “testing”,, look if you feel ok with texting and she does not mind it, then continue. One day if she is not arleady doing it,, but you are not saying anything about it,, she is doing something for you,, but she is not posting the question, “Should I stop receiving his texting and see how he responds?” Look, you are not doing anything wrong, ,but you are showing her, with your actions that you think of her that you care about her, that she is on your mind and ,,, in your heart. No ,, do not test her. That is just like saying, Ok,, I will care about you only if you care about me. When you care, ,when you love, you love with all your heart,, until the other person,, says,, “ok,, now you are bothering me,, I know you care about me, but I don;’t feel that way about you.” and even then,, if you still care about her, ,you still love her,, does not mean you just turn off the switch and you stop caring, stop loving.” you just live with it and that is what unconditional love,, unconditional ,, giving,, is all about. Think about this also,, if you stop texting, then she might think that you stopped caring, stepped feeling about her the way you do. Do you want her to think that ,, she has to love you back,, and only then,, you will care about her?,, well in that case it is your choice. Sometimes,, we know how to care, how to show others, what it means to truly care, to love, and they might learn from us ,she could learn from you what it really means to be dedicated, devoted,, that you don’t bend because,, the rest of the wrold would not do what you do. Only you know what you feel what is in your heart and how you feel about her,, ok, so God knows too. The rest of us out here in cyber world,, we can only relate to what you are going through, and so far, as ignorant, and I am being honest here, I don’t really know what is in your heart, how you truly feel about her. I can only say that from experience, I can understand certain aspects about your situation,, and testing her, not the answer. Good luck to you.

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