Q&A: Should I be worried if my boyfriend texts other girls?

Question by Lexi Ginn: Should I be worried if my boyfriend texts other girls?
There is these girls and they get text messages from him every day. So do I, but I wish he would stop hugging and texting other girls.

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Answer by Real ♥ Madrid
Why is he your boyfriend?

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  1. Depends what the texts say and how personal they are. Also, if he hugs them slowly and pays a lot of attention to them then you should be worried. If he hugs them quickly as a “hello” hug and the texts aren’t all that personal then you don’t need to be worried.

  2. I wished my girlfriend (at the time) would stop hugging and texting guys more than me too but it’s selfish when a guy says it

  3. Why…..you don’t own him. He can text whomever he’d like…..as long as he’s being respectful to you and not flirting outrageously with these girls. Hugging other girls?……..again, so what?? If they are his friends, then……who cares? I hug my husbands friends all the time…..that’s the time of person I am. So does that mean I am lusting after them, that I’m disrespectful to my husband? Hell no….. don’t start acting jealous over simple texting and hugging….otherwise, you will lose your boyfriend for sure.

  4. I have a girlfriend and I text other girls, but they’re not very long or deep convos like wit my girlfriend. It just depends on how long or often he talks to them, and if hes saying flirty things or putting hearts and smileys into his texts. Otherwise, I think its perfectly fine for a guy in a relationship to carry on friendships with other women through text messaging…

  5. He is your boyfriend and you need to trust him that he’s being true to you. It depends on what the texts say if they are innocent, just talking about the day and friendly things then you have nothing to worry about. And about him hugging other girls again if he’s friends wiht them i’m sure its nothing. if it bothers you that much just talk to him about it.

  6. YES, you have a right to be worried.

    THAT IS CHEATING and that means he is not being faithful to you. Dump him and try and find a guy you are friends with first to go out with. If you start as friends those are always the best lasting relationships.

    Good luck.

  7. If you feel so insecure about him talking to other girls, end the relationship before it goes any further. If you don’t trust him, there’s no point in being with him.

  8. Look sweet heart don’t worry about it TRUST is the main thing into relationship If their is no TRUST than why wasting your time but just try keeping TRUST to him.

  9. 1. ur bf/gf.
    2. he can talk/text/email anyone he wants.
    3. you can do the same.
    4. if the 2 of you were married then you could take him to the cleaners!!!!!
    5. you see the difference????????????

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