Q&A: Once I gain confidence how do I use it to talk to girls?

Question by Mr.: Once I gain confidence how do I use it to talk to girls?
Well I can talk to girls, but when I have no idea who they are or aren’t really familiar with them I can’t talk to them. So what are good ways to just go over to a girl to talk to her? That’s probably my biggest problem because I can have conversations if I can just find myself able to talk to them.

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Answer by Shawn
If you knew what I knew about girls you would have no problem talking to them.

Infact, if you knew what I knew.. you’d probably never talk to them again.

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Once I gain confidence how do I use it to talk to girls?”

  1. Stop viewing them as girls. I’m not saying go up, belch really loudly, and ask her about her fantasy football league. I mean just treat her as a human being. Go up, say hi. Don’t make it into a quest to get a date. Just be a decent, kind, polite person. It’ll get you a lot farther than, “Nice legs, what time do they open?”

  2. Say a cheesy pick up line or somethng, I find thoughs adorable. After that ask her how her day was. Try and find something you guys have in common. Once you do that, conversation should be flowing more easily. Good luck 🙂

  3. Just ask her like simple questions.. Compliment her, or ask what she likes to do for fun.. they got websites and stuff where you can learn how to build up your confidence to talk to girls like any other human being..Just be yourself and be polite, but don’t babble on and talk to where she gets bored and stuff. That could be annoying, Welp I hope I helped some.. Good luck :))

  4. Well… I’m just going to put this out there.
    1.You don’t have to start with a pick up line.
    2.Believing you can do something can really trick your mind into doing. what i mean believe your a fun person to talk to.
    3.Use the surroundings around you as props. Example: if she’s reading ask about the book.
    4.By no means should you ask her any YES or NO questions. Like ask her about a movie or something.
    Well…I hope I helped! 😀

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