Q&A: is there a medication to lower my sexual energy?

Question by ?_?: is there a medication to lower my sexual energy?
at work i waste too much time texting girls and just setting up “dates” im a complete horn dog. is there a medication that will TEMPORARILY take my mind off sex? is this recommended? has it ever been done before? i am insatiable. i need chemical help.


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Answer by stb_1950
all you need is a goof friend with benefits.your problem would be solved.

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  1. actually there are. most hyper sexual activity has to do with mania or depression so interestingly enough anti depressants help calm the sex drive.

  2. all want more viagra and all and u want to reduce ur a lucky man keep going at it
    texting is wasteful msbt sex if u can

  3. you can do that…..close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and on your third eye….after some moments you will notice that you are no longer breathing coz you are out of body….a friend told me this…maybe this will work for you….i would tell you to find a gf but you say that you already have an overcharged sex life!!!

  4. Sounds like you need a real job that will use your excess time and energy. Remember, all it takes is a second of ecstasy and boom she’s pregnant and the rest of your life is going to be ‘screwed’ since this bimbo is most likely not worth marrying …though that’s exactly what she is looking for. The Courts and Law will make sure that you ‘pay’ for that baby. No more partying with the boys, ballgames, video games, all the good times will be gone with the money gone to pay for that moment of ‘fun’ with those ‘girls’ who are answering your text’s. Keep that on the front of your brain and also go jerk off, get that out of your system too. A very rich and famous Sci Fi writer said that’s what he did to be able to concentrate on writing his sci fi books….and he is rich.

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