Q&A: is texting another girl considered cheating?!? help !?

Question by : is texting another girl considered cheating?!? help !?
i have a girlfriend and we been together for almost 2 years now. i recently met this girl at a party about 2 weeks ago, and she added me on facebook and got my number. we started texting and i didn’t think too much of it, and we also talked on facebook. then i finally realized that things were getting out of hand, because she would send me pictures of her. not nude pictures or anything, just like regular pictures. i think its getting out of hand. do i have to tell my girlfriend about this or just let it slide? personally i dont think its considered cheating. she talks to other guys on facebook all the time, what do you think?

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Answer by Jessica V
does she know about ur gf??

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  1. dude ur fine just tell the new girl u have a girlfriend and u didnt do anything wrong so u dont need to tell ur girlfriend… if u do it might piss her off

  2. If you are worried this is definitely an indication that it as gone too far…

    If you love your girlfriend and feel that she is the one, step back from this new girl, stop replying to her texts and keep off facebook chat…

    If you conscience will allow you to keep this a secret than go for it, but truthfully, the less secrets you have in a relationship the better!

  3. I believe anything that emotionally hurts your girlfriend is cheating. If you think it’s getting out of hand, stop. It’s your decision whether to tell her or not, just stop texting her!

  4. Depends on how you feel about the situation. Clearly you’re worried, so your girlfriend may find that what you’re doing is cheating. If you don’t want to continue any kind of romantic relationship with the other girl, then you need to tell her to stop sending you pictures, or flirting with you. She may not take it well, but if you really don’t want anything to do with her that way, she needs to know, because you’re probably leading her on.

    Tell your girlfriend. If you’re serious about her, and don’t want anything romantic with the girl you met, then she deserves to know about her. Tell her (your girlfriend) how you met, how you talk, what she’s been doing, and how you told her not to do those things anymore. If you don’t stop the flirting communication when you tell your girlfriend, she may think you’re interested.

    Bad situation, but you can make it better if you want to stay with your girlfriend by telling her the truth.

  5. For you to just talk to another girl, is nothing. If you feel guilty about it, you should probably think about just ending it. I know how this works. There was a guy that I met at a football game and he had just started school with me. We ended up talking, like you said, on fb and texting. I ended up feeling like I had been unfaithful even though I hadn’t been. I told my boyfriend and explained everything. He was okay with it.

    I was worried because I thought he might see the texts in my phone and think it was something more than it was. You should tell her. Because if she sees something, she might get the wrong idea.

    Hope all goes well 🙂

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