Q&A: Is it wrong to text a guy if you are married?

Question by waterfall: Is it wrong to text a guy if you are married?
It need not be anything flirtatious or bad. A text conversation. But is it really wrong if your spouse doesn’t know about your regular texting? What are your views?

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Answer by Natalie
put yourself in his shoes.

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  1. I say as long as your spouse knows the person and trusts you enough, there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re just friends with him.

  2. It’s cool, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s socializing. If you take it to another level, then you have to worry, but as for now, you are fine.

  3. if you feel guilty then yes you should tell them, if you think he would be mad then absolutely, just put yourself in the situation would you want him to be texting another girl everyday.

  4. It’s no harm if you guys are only friends right ? im engaged nearly a year to my fiance and im fully committed to him but i also hang out and text other guys who are my best friends but their is nothing between us at all only friendship but yeah it’s ok if you are fully committed to ur husband and love him and it’s ok to have a guy as a friend too 🙂 good luck

  5. I think u have to tell ur spouse about him unless it may ruin ur married life. Scndly u r not wrong if u r casually chatting with him than only. But tell ur hubby bout this.

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