Q&A: is it ok to tell boyfriend texting other girls bothers me?

Question by terry: is it ok to tell boyfriend texting other girls bothers me?
We have been exclusive for a couple of months. He asked me to be his girlfriend. At first I felt very confident in our relationship. The more I fall for him however, the more insecure I get. He has a few female friends. I worry when he is texting that it is another girl. There is one person in particular who lives in a different city who I know he texts at least every couple weeks. She is also the first person on his face book friends list. This bothers me a lot especially since he didnt tell me about her, I asked who she is. He said he has known her a long time and doesnt text her very much but that they are into the same things. He is a good guy but I am fearful he has a thing with her.

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  1. yes, if you trust your boyfriend you should tell him, then he will understand you if you explain.

  2. Don’t feel insecure, that will only ruin the relationship, make him feel that you are more concern about the relationship, just don’t let him use you, If things comes to be positively favorable on your side, it will be the time to talk to him, ask him if he really loves you, and tell him you are jealous about what he is going, ask him to stop texting the girl, and be honest to you. Good luck

  3. You can tell him that him texting these other girls makes you uncomfortable, but don’t expect him to stop. You have to trust him, just like he trusts you until when and if you give each other something to be concerned about. You two are going to have opposite sex friends and you can’t expect him to stop contact with those girls just because you are insecure.

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