Q&A: Is it more intimate to text a girl at night than day?

Question by YES MAN: Is it more intimate to text a girl at night than day?
Should I text a girl i like at night than during the day?

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Answer by beccaMF.
why are you putting intimate and text in the same sentence? ;p lol

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  1. A good guy friend who likes me text me at night sometimes when he gets out of class.

    I don’t like it.

    I usually like to sleep early so the sound of my phone buzzing at 11 or 12 annoys me. But between 3 and 9 I don’t mind being text because I’m usually done with classes and back home or wherever.

  2. Why don’t you try calling and actually talking to her? THAT would be more intimate. There’s nothing intimate about texting.

  3. yes it is. Because its obvious that neither of you have anything else going on so its just you and her, and you are both probably in bed, in your pj’s.

    Its a good way to have more personal conversations.

  4. I’m not sure about all the statistics and such, but I like a guy to text me at night.
    I feel more like he wants to spend time talking to me.
    However, if you are inviting a girl somewhere, why not do it during the day so you can spend time together that night.

  5. whats your text about!!!!
    day time texting is usually fast and not given any thought, because of where she could be work.. school or whatever, but at night is where u should text, cuz she can be feeling lonely or vulnerable or romantic… etc. so if u like the girl text her at nite.

  6. its depends..i mean if u wanna conversation for alittle long time u can text at night when both of u have nothing to do….some ppl prefer day text cuz when they cant hold the conversation they can find any excuses to stop texting but night there is no excuses cuz after while u will go to bed….so now u can chosse whatever u wanna..

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