Q&A: I’m really really bad with small talk….? Girls i need help!?

Question by chillax: I’m really really bad with small talk….? Girls i need help!?
I mean really bad.
Today a girl went up to me and said i like your shirt…..wat do u say to that! i said uh i like your shirt to. i should of just said thanks!!

I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut especially when i’m talking to girls….

So any tips? advice?

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Answer by Jess-Cuh™ ☮ & ♥
Well dont keep your mouth shut when your talking to a girl. And Yea when she said i like your shirt you probably should of replied thx or thx.. i like your shirt too.

Dont be afraid to talk to girls bc this may sound weird but girls are like spiders. Your afraid of them but truley their more afraid of you.

Ex: If it’s a Monday, and you want to make small talk say “So, What’d you do this weekend”

Help with talking to a girl:

* If you bring some breath mints with you, try not to offer her any, she may take it affending cause she might think you think that her breath ‘stinks’

* Don’t brag about yourself

* Ask questions, but don’t go crazy with them.

* Always build up self confidence, courage and self-esteem.

* If you just go blank say ” How was your day today “

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  1. I’m a guy, but there’s nothing wrong with returning her compliment. If it’s a girl that you like and she compliments you, thats a good thing.

  2. Haha..That sounds kinda gay that you told her you liked her shirt. 🙂
    She probably thinks your funny, which is good!
    Also, don’t talk about like scars and cars in front of girls. You can talk about sports, (that’s fine) but don’t talk about make-up either. (That’s gay, and your trying to make girls like you, not think your gay.)
    And if you have some cologne, wear it. Not to strong though, you don’t want girls to faint. 🙂
    Try to crack jokes. Actual funny ones. No knock-knock jokes. 🙂
    When your talking to girls, that’s fine but don’t get girl crazy. Then you’ll lose all your friends, and we don’t want that. Friends first.

    That’s all I can think of right now, I hope it helps!

  3. hey just stick to normal everyday stuff
    yeah like what are you up to, been doing, whatever
    most girls don’t have trouble chatting
    just throw in a few friendly comments or polite questions
    about them and you have it made
    they like the look of you and if they approach you it means
    they can probably keep the chat going
    and remember to smile that’s a winner

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