Q&A: I was texting this girl and then… help?

Question by TheOneTwo: I was texting this girl and then… help?
Alright, so I was texting this girl with quick responses, being 1 to 5 minutes between each. Then I was joking/teasing about something (not directly at her in a mean way) and then she was like I can’t believe this.. blah blah blah really think I would make this up?” so that was the last thing. Then I replied and received no acknowledgement of course.
Also, I had set up a date for a few days in advance. What the crap am I supposed to do? I don’t want to come off as needy or whatever that crap is called when you text them again and again with no replies. I have to keep in touch to make sure the date is still being planned on My point is I can’t mess this up or she’ll bail on me lol

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Answer by Baking
she wants the D

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  1. Call her and ask if the date is still on
    And don’t always text her first wait till she texts you that way you’ll see se really lives you and can’t help but hear from you ok unless she’s hecka stubborn

  2. firstly apologise secondly tell her u were only joking thirdly ask how she feels about it lastly forget it

  3. talk to her in person if she dosen’t respond text her that you didn’t mean to offend her and
    that your really sorry. even though shes not responding i can almost guarente shes reading them. good luck

  4. What you said is really the key to what is going on here. If it was truly a minor joke (e.g. ‘you’re a shopaholic’), then she’s a drama queen and you probably wouldn’t want to date her anyway. Maybe text her once to ask if she still wants to go through with the date, but if she says no or doesn’t reply, don’t ever think about her again. She would make a superannoying girlfriend.

    If the comment was something she’s sensitive about (maybe a comment about her body) or offensive (e.g., something about disabled people), you might have really turned her off and the only way you’re going to salvage the relationship (and date) is by apologizing. If you’re not sure if your remark could have been offensive, show the whole conversation to a friend (preferably a girl) and ask for their honest take on the situation.

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