Q&A: I need some advise on how to talk to girls.?

Question by Kraze K: I need some advise on how to talk to girls.?
I need some tips, advise and i need to know how to talk to girls, can some one help??

I’ve talked to about 8 girls ever since school started and i haven’t gotten with none yet, most of them just ignore me, so i want to know how exactly do i need to talk to girls?

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Answer by — Skittles —
You need to simply be yourself.
No corny pick up lines.
Keep it simple and friendly.

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  1. Well since you are actually asking I assume you are very shy. I don’t mean any harm when I say this because most guys are shy. The best advice I can give you is to become comfortable with yourself before you start anything with anyone. Step out of your comfort zone a bit. Think to your self now: how much time have I actually talked to these girls? If it is very little, change it. Don’t stop talking to these girls until they want to be with you or until they are annoyed with you. What I mean is don’t stop and put everything you got into talking with girls. Now how to talk with them? Thats funny. Ok well first, the best acquired to pick something to talk about. Nobody likes those pregnant pauses. So pick something like recent events, political, social you pick. Make sure you look at girls in there eyes and always smile and agree what they say. Believe me it is best if you do. Make sure these girls have something to look at. For girls, appearance is everything at first. Look at a mirror. Make sure your well dressed and clean. I heavily emphasize how important it is to be clean. I mean no bad smell, no greasy hair and don’t over do cologne if you use it. (use deodorant!!!) My favorite motto is: “dress to impress!” So dress nicely to make yourself seem presentable. To overcome your shyness, I suggest to change your appearance. It will make you feel so much cooler and so much more highly of your self. For an example, I recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year and the first thing I did was to cut my hair. I look so sexy now and it makes me feel so much better that I now get more attention from other boys. All in all change is good! But back to girls, always complement them. Even if you hate what they are wearing, they sure don’t. So be nice, be presentable and always have fun! Good luck!

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