Q&A: How to text to a girl ?

Question by mr.curious: How to text to a girl ?
Alright so i dont like this girl or anything but she chatted with me on facebook and said that “we should talk soon, text me” and gave me her number but i have not texted a lot of people before cause my phone was ancient but recently i just got an early birthday present and it was an iphone 5. So my question is that how to start a conversation and what do i say or text. This happened two days ago.
Thanks in advance.

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Answer by amazing
Text her your name, and ask if this counts as soon!? You just haven’t ha a chance the last few days to text. And end with a question for her to answer.

Hey! It’s _____! Does this count as A soon text? Sorry, I’ve just been busy the last few days and it slipped my mind! How are you?

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  1. Most people simply say something like, “Hi or hey, how’s it going?” to start a conversation. If you have some things in common you may want to ask her how it is going with soccer, guitar, dance, etc. Most girls chat way more than boys so you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming up with subject matter. Hope this helps.

  2. Just say hey! Don’t leave her hanging! And dont make it a short conversation! With barley any character! Get to know a little about each other! And if you don’t like her, then don’t be mean! But if she comes on strong, then just stop the conversation!

  3. all you do is write things like “hi” or “sup” haha u can look up other ways of doing text language like …..
    and emoticons like ….
    🙂 ~happy
    🙁 ~sad
    ;( ~sad and a winky face
    😉 ~happy and a winky face
    :'( ~crying
    😛 ~silly

    you baisically talk to her like you are talking to her in person.. except shorter version and it is easier to flirt.with the emoticons 😉

  4. Don’t get too antsy about sexting :* stay away from it
    Come up with random topics; school, foods, colleges or what jobs interest her.

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