Q&A: How to text girls and be interesting?

Question by : How to text girls and be interesting?
When texting girls should I be short and concise or should I use long, elaborative text messages. How do I keep the conversation going?

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Answer by Beto N
To be more interesting text lets meet and then meet them in person far more interesting than text messages.

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  1. Long, elaborative ones are always nice and make us feel special <3
    However, you shouldn't feed girls a load of in the form of a long, elaborative text message.
    Be yourself, and if the convo flows, then it goes where it goes.

  2. Neither. Being concise and short shows your not interested but sending a long text shows idk it’s just kind of weird for a guy but you need to have enough to say first anyways. Just be in the middle I guess lol. Not to short but not too long either 🙂 I hope that makes sense. 🙂

    Answer mine? I could really use a guys opinion 🙂



  3. Don’t always be short and concise, because it’s difficult to keep the conversation going. But don’t always use long, elaborative messages either, because sometimes it’s a struggle to reply to. A nice median is great. Be yourself. 🙂

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