Q&A: How to talk to girls?

Question by : How to talk to girls?
Ok call me what you want but i cant talk to girls face to face without feeling super nervous
I dont think im too bad looking, im 6 feet tall, a lil tan but it still dosent help
i go to an all boys school and only have couple of friends that are girls
i can talk to them trough texting no prob, but face to face i just freez up and i dont know what to talk to them about
like what topics will girls like to talk about with a guy?
PLease help me boost my confiedence and what ever will help me 🙂 thanks :))))))

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Answer by Pirouetter
hey, i go to an all girls school and find it really uncomfortable talking to guys too, but I can tell you that all girls enjoy a friendly conversation with a guy, so you have nothing to worry about – especially if you text them and they’re your friends. Just pick up an everyday topic like school or what she’s being doing lately and ta da, a conversation

Plus – it doesn’t matter that much if you’re good looking or not, it’s what they see on the inside 🙂

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