Q&A: How to talk to girls on a college campus?

Question by David: How to talk to girls on a college campus?
How do I talk to girls on a college campus. For example I am walking to class and I see this pretty girl stare and I smile and she smiles back. How would I be able to talk to her. I see so many beautiful women and its a shame I can’t find a way to talk to them. Thanks for advice

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Answer by heat19882007
Just say hi, to break the ice.

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  1. girls usually like guys to make the first move so if you see a pretty girl by herself just walk up and start talking. (it’s easier to talk to a someone without an audience but doesn’t necessarily matter) It’s not like it’ll hurt anything. nothing ventured nothing gained

  2. Never tell a girl she’s hot. Girls always wait for a nice man who calls them beautiful. Most girls like smart, and funny guys and love it when guys are able to make ’em blush, like tell her she has a pretty name, or something. Hope I helped!

  3. -trips- “oh, are u okay?”
    -she is sitted at a bench- “hello, do u mind if I sit?”
    -something funny (not tragic) happens- “oh thtat was so funny!”
    -the headmaster/deen walks by- “wow, mr. dude is so weird, look the way he walks, really”!
    -smthg happens _ from like I dont know, someone dropping their books (u go help them, and the girl will probably like say “that was very nice of you” if she likes you) or a lecture or something (“wow, that lecture was boring/cool/interesting! what did you think?”)

    all of this followed by, like, whats your name by the way? if its like, makes sense u know? for example, the last one (the lecture) talk about her interests a little, and then ask her name/give yours… or like the situation she trips (u r close so u will hold her not to fall/ or you are close by and couldnt do anything) say like “r u okay?” and “first day in your new shoes/feet?” maybe?

    remember, dont be creepy, and say, “ok, see you later then”. then the next time u see her go talk to her! hang out with her, meet her girl and guy friends. be friends with them (but remember, u cant please everyone, be yourself, just dont be a creep)

    good luck dude, let me know what happens.

    oh and remember to make jokes!

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