Q&A: How to talk to girls in public without being shy!?

Question by : How to talk to girls in public without being shy!?
How do you talk to girls in public if you never seen them before but want to start a friendship or maybe I might want to get into a relationship with them if they are single. But I don’t want come off as a creep to them.

But one of my biggest problems is im to nice and im a shy person! You could punch me in the face and I wouldn’t do anything, if anything id probably get mad and say WTF and maybe alittle bit more and walk away!

Im going more for just the friendship before a relationship because I have like no friends of the opposite gender and I hate. I have one but she lives no where near me because she moved!

But suppose I like a girl and I know she is single by the way she acts or talks and i want to try to be more than friends then what do I do! And if I like her when would the appropriate time to try and ask her out be?

P.S. I was never the lady’s man in school because I was the quiet one, I used to get their numbers and call them all the time back in middle school but never during high school! I never talked much to them.

But its not about the number of girls i make for friends. I just want some friends of the opposite gender!

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Get drunk

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