Q&A: How to talk to girls at college parties?

Question by -Nismo-: How to talk to girls at college parties?
Okay so I’m a freshman in college and new to the whole party scene. Every party I’ve been to so far I talk to girls but I can never get them interested enough to where they’re all over me. How can I do this? I’m also getting really tired of being cock blocked by other dudes at parties.

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Answer by Chuck Yeager
Nice shoes… Lets f*ck

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  1. It’s tough. Every guy at the party is looking for the same thing. You just gotta keep talking to girls until you find one that is interested in you. It’s a long process, but you just gotta keep going.

  2. be confident.
    that’s about it.
    chicks can sniff out pussiness like no other, and it’s a turn off.
    and if you’re looking for a party hookup, don’t worry about being a nice guy either. it’ s not like you’re going for a relationship.

  3. be more interesting
    be funnier
    or find girls who are drunker

    and your only getting cock blocked bcuz your letting it happen

  4. Try flirting with them, and complimenting about how you think their eyes are so pretty, or I love your hair, or compliment them in someway! 🙂 Good Luck!

  5. You have to be confidant and be yourself at all times. Think you are the baddest, coolest person there, and the confidance can overflow the room. Don’t try to hit on the girls, that looks desperate. Show you’re interested but please don’t be that desperate guy, you will be repelled. College girls can be friendly and laid back, and look for a guy with confidance in himself.Dance a little, mingle a little, drink a little, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have to be a complete jerk but sometimes it’s okay to be an asshole. do your own thing and don’t hover around the girls, make them think you’ve got other things going on, that way they’ll want your attention.

  6. You’ll catch on with experience, those guys who are c*** blocking you are probably older, upperclassmen who’ve had more time to figure things out then you. The key thing is not to be overly interested. Girls at those parties know that most of the guys there are probably creeps looking to get laid….well….like you it sounds like.

    Be genuine and you will have much more luck, most chicks can see right past “hey girl, what’s your name?” and hear the “hey girl, how long will I have to talk to you before you’ll get naked?” that you really mean.

    FYI: this isn’t the movies and if you have to ask this question then you will *never* have “girls all over [you]”, ever. So don’t expect that and you’ll at least get one or two to give you their number.

  7. So easy be a genuine Gentleman
    a girl never forgets a Gentleman
    so maybe in the party nothing will happen but when you find her on campus later on she will remember you and if you talk to her and you are still a Gentleman
    i give you my word

  8. Confidence is definitely the answer. Desperation is a big turn off. Don’t try to talk to a girl who is only hanging out with her girl friends, she is probably having a girls night, or already with a guy. If there is a line for the bathroom, or the keg, get in line and start chatting.

  9. Join a fraternity. Become part of the school activities. Chicks are college parties care about one thing, partying. Not all guys who talk to girls at those parties are as lucky as you think. If you believe they are, you are in a dream world my friend. College is not this over hyped, oversexed place that Hollywood shows it to be. Yes, they exist, but it’s “rare.” Also depends precisely on what type of school you attend. Either way, follow my advice. It will help you make the most of your experience, keep your grades higher, and look great on a resume.

  10. be nothing more than yourself. if it doesn’t work because your charisma is not too strong, then your only option is gonna be what Chuck Yeager says…

  11. First off, never get discouraged by other guys and their style of flirting or drunken disorder.
    Just because a girl shows attention to a guy, that doesn’t mean that they like the guy or interested in him…sometimes they they give attention because they do not want to be rude.

    Personally for me, I can talk to any girl and get a good conversation going, make them laugh, and keep the chat going.
    If another guy tried to barge in, it doesnt take much effort to block his cock-block maneuver. With the right words to the girl, you can have her block his maneuver for you…if you keep a girl interested in you, she will not tolerate another person ruining her attention for you.

    You cannot make a girl go all over you if you just met them.
    Unless she is easy or drunk or both.
    Personally I do not go for either of those types…I like my women more respectable.

    Main thing is that you keep confident in yourself, friendly and fun in nature, and learn how to keep a girl’s attention to you.
    Hint #1: learn how to find some common interests between you two.
    Hint #2: if you see you got no common interests with her, try to find out what she is most passionate about and talk about that. There is nothing more stimulating to a girl than to show interest in something she is passionate about.

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