Q&A: How to talk to a girl?

Question by kingmud3: How to talk to a girl?
Hi, so I’m in high school and I’m a lonely and shy guy, and never really talked to girls before yea i know, I just keep quiet throughout the whole day and year. So u know I’m thinking about making new friends now because it sucks to be at school with no one. So I’m just wondering how I should approach a girl and talk to them so they get to know me because I’m really shy and don’t have any courage to talk to a girl and I don’t want to talk to them and make them feel like I’m a complete stranger talking to them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! -Thanks

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Answer by mechpure211
Well it helps if you meat them with friends you already know
just make conversation with your friends or friend along
with the girl, and then after you first meat them you can say
hi and talk to them on the hall or classes if you have any with them
“hey your that one chick, what you up to?”
things like that

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  1. Give them a compliement ! But don’t just say it bc your supposed to, mean it. (: Or if you see a girl needing help with homework or something, ask her if she needs help. Then eventually that leads to getting their number, hanging out, etc.

    Hope I helped !!

  2. Shyness is a fear.
    Fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment by others, fear of embarrassment in front of others, fear if failing, shyness does make people hesitate, reluctant and run away because of fears.

    Once you find the courage to conquer your fear, then shyness can be controlled.
    It is easy to say you are confident, not fearful, understand rejection is part of life, but you need to convince yourself completely.
    I have heard guys say they are confident, can make friends, not shy, but do not have any idea on what to say to a girl…this is because they are still afraid, they got no words to say because they are still fearful of saying the wrong thing.

    You can conquer shyness and make tons of friends if you can face the worse case scenario without fear and hesitation.
    If the worse case scenario of people putting you down in public and embarrassing you is too much for you to handle, then you have not faced fear or conquered your inner demons.

  3. Poor thing, I feel your pain. I didn’t talk at school either. It wasn’t until I was in the work place that I figured out that you’ve got to just plunge in, be yourself, and so what if you crash and burn? Pretend in your head that everybody wants to hear what you say, even if they don’t, and they eventually will start listening because they don’t have a choice. Realize that you are a complete stranger to them because you have never let them in before but you don’t have talk to them like you’re introducing yourself. Just talk like they already know you. You don’t have to manufacture a scenario to talk to a girl or prepare topics. Just look for opportunities to share your thoughts or things that you know. And just because you’re quiet (or unpopular), that doesn’t mean girls haven’t noticed you. Girls are just as shy as you are. And even if you somehow make a complete a$ $ of yourself today, people will forget quickly.
    Hey, I started a race riot in the 9th grade and I stopped going to school completely because there were girls carrying razor blades to school waiting on me to show up…good old days when there were no metal detectors installed yet…and went back after the summer and nobody ever mentioned it again! The thought that usually gets me through my shy moments now is that I don’t actually care what people think of me, I just want to talk. In fact, unless people really remembers me when I was a kid, they don’t believe I was ever shy. With the exception of my family because they seem to all have forgotten me being shy too, weird huh?

    Practice in Wal-Mart and talk to random customers. I do it all the time (I worked there a couple years so it became habit cuz I used to talk to the customers out of boredom when working in a department alone.) You can tell when people are in a hurry and when they aren’t. It should be easier than you can imagine because you’ll never see those people again or if you do, you won’t remember each other. If you see someone pick up your favorite bar of soap say, “Hey, I use that soap! Don’t you love the smell?” They’ll be polite and will say something back. I promise!

    After you get your confidence up that you know how to start a conversation with a complete stranger, it should be easy at school.

    And my most golden nugget for you: All people love compliments.

    Hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck!

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