Q&A: How to talk smoothly and confidently to girls?

Question by : How to talk smoothly and confidently to girls?
Whenever I talk to girls, sometimes the conversations seem to be a little weird and I might say something and they have a weird reaction to it.
How can I talk smoothly to girls with confidence? And how can I gain the self confidence?

By the way I am a sophomore in high school and I know that girls are a little different in high school than adults.

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don’t care. If you convince yourself mentally that you don’t care about anything, then you will come across confident, because lack of confidence comes directly from caring too much about what you say. hope that made sence

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  1. Trial an error my friend, sorry to say that there really isn’t any other way besides to just get out there and do it. Also just stick to topics that you know you can keep talking about, and if you don’t know anything about something just either agree, or disagree then move on to something else.

  2. If you pretend they’re one of your firends & Your just having a casual conversation with them, it should go smoother:)

  3. hi im a sophomore in high school too…actually treat them like another person… i hate it when a guy addresses me by ‘woman’ or ‘you’… at least ask for their name… secondly if a girl doesn’t know you that well… don’t talk about yourself first ask them a question then after they’ve answered you can talk all you want… oh n don’t talk about other gurls in front of them

  4. just start off talking to them like your friends randomly go up to them and start a convo say hey im randomly talking to you and start talking about something it helps alot and then over a week or to start a little flirting

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