Q&A: How to start texting a girl I like?

Question by : How to start texting a girl I like?

How should I start texting a girl I like. I know she also likes me.

What should I say first? I’ve already done a ton of ‘hey whats up’ and ‘what r u up to’, but what else can I say?


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Answer by jessica o
oh my gosh just do it!!
trust me im a teenage girl and know that when i like a guy im dying for him to text me:) (i know its sad but its what us girls do)
just say heyy,any plans for the day? and make sure u leave x”s at the end of the text so she knows you like her..
flirt!!ask her about her family etc..
then if you know her well enuf ask her if she wants to go to the cinema with u or something? just be like “heyy im thinkin of going to the cinema this weeknd,u dont wanna come with do u?xxx!
honestly trust me that would be PERFECT!
let me know how it goes

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  1. put xo’s at the end of mesages, if she does it back it usually means she likes it, then just compliment her, if you start joking about a few things like wen she tells yu shes going to go to sleep or something just reply with “why? so yu can dream about me? lol” just start with jokes but flirting…just dont come off to strong with a “omg urr hot” txt, tht is not a way to win a grl over,

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