Q&A: How to start talking with this girl?

Question by J: How to start talking with this girl?
alright, i know this girl fairly well, but we never hang out or anything (just see each other time to time at parties). I just need some help getting started talking to her. Most of my friends just start texting girls that theyre in to, and it carries on from there. My question is simply just HOW do i start talking to her consistently so that im in her thoughts? any tips or anything at all will help

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Answer by Holly
Well asking people about themselves usually can start a conversation but, do it in person. Seriously.

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  1. be friendly with her… try to be her friend, that’s a start. Don’t try and act like you want a relationship with her, just be genuine and yourself. If she likes you great… if not, its okay. Dont be scared.

  2. approach her in person, and say Gee, I hope you weren’t hurt in the fall. She will say what fall are you talking about. Then say the fall you had when the angels dropped you from heaven. You know I wanted to hang out with you before and I wanted to tell you I thought you were as pretty as a picture and as sweet as a Cinnamon bun, but I was afraid you would think it was dumb. Even though I really felt that way about you, I didn’t want you to think I was handing you a line or being insincere. My hiding out and wishing I were with you isn’t doing either of us any good, so what do you say we start at being friends and hanging out and see where it might go from there. If you come on like a straight shooter and a good guy, I don’t think she will turn you down. Now you have to keep it going, women like to talk, they like to know you are there for them. Go to the store and buy Woman’s World, Woman’s home journal etc, if you want to know about women do your homework. If you had to do a report on Andrew Jackson for school, you would go on line or to the library and find out information about him so you could write the report – right? SO if you want a good girl and you want her to be your girlfriend and you want to keep her, then study up. What do girls think about, what do they like, what do they expect, what would they want their bf’s to say or do for them, what do they think is a turn on and what do they feel is a turn off. Then memorize the turn on’s and make sure you don’t react with any of the turn off’s. Ask her out to dinner or a movie, ask her to dance, offer to get her a drink at a party (soft drink), ask to go shopping at the mall etc. Now you have the ball in your court, dribble or shoot it’s up to you. Good Luck

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