Q&A: How to start conversations over text?

Question by Andrew: How to start conversations over text?
So I’m interested in a girl (we’re both freshmen in HS) and I have her # and stuff but I’m just not sure of how to start a conversation with her. We only have 1 class together (it’s almost summer so that doesn’t matter anyway) but its just hard to think of a way to start a conversation over text. I’d appreciate any help.

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Answer by Kaylee
Uh… You say hi then what’s up? Then it just goes from there. Normally she’ll tell you what she’s doing then asked you what you’re doing. Just be sure to say something a little more exciting than “nothin'”. She won’t want to respond to that. Something like “Watching this new show “blahjsjsj”, it’s hilarious, have you seen it?” or if you’re gutsy, “just thinking about this really pretty girl” will spark a conversation.

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