Q&A: How to start a friendly conversation with a girl over texts?

Question by Possum: How to start a friendly conversation with a girl over texts?
I recently became friends with a girl I met at camp (we were both counselors). We are similar age (I am a few months older) except all of our conversations have gone like this:
Me: Hey, Hows it going?
Her: Pretty good, you
Me: Good
Her: I’m glad
-Conversation Ends-

I was just wondering how I can extend the conversation without it seeming that I am just texting to keep the conversation from ending.

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Answer by Caleb
Ask how was her day. Does she have plans this week. What are you doing. Simple stuff… Lol.

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  1. Try another question, maybe how her summer is going or bring up a memory you have from camp. Make sure she can tell that you are interested. Where you just said good, add something else to it. One word responses are not the best.

  2. Just look up some random information. She’ll smile at it, any fact any stupid fact that you know and it will start a conversation. Here’s one to start you off:

    -Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

    -Police men in India get paid more if they have a mustache.

    Have it and I wish you good luck.

  3. Well to make convos go longer just start off with “hey” and make they “hey” happier and more out there like “HHey!(:” because most people like it when you use friendly signs like that. and ask her what shes doing. And then more questions with detail. Good luck

  4. Don’t give one word answers like good, cool, yes, no etc..

    Try asking open minded questions, like what do you think of “x”….
    after that, think of something, like oh i think that is cool and really impressive, i really like it. And make some kind of question related to the answer, let the flow go. If she keep’s giving one word answers (short answers) that means that she doesn’t want to talk to you (text). Asking questions will make the conversation flow, and it will also help u get to know her. Don’t say anything “sick/perver” and be cool, don’t push it.
    BTW just see her as any other person, maybe as a friend. Talk to her like you would with anyone else.

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