Q&A: How to say “hey” differently when texting a girl?

Question by Danny: How to say “hey” differently when texting a girl?
I want to start texting this girl but I don’t want to be creepy…we are sort of close friends, but I don’t want to take any chances… Would saying “hey cutie :D” or something be too creepy for just friends…btw I really like her and am trying to be more than friends. So is this coming on too strong?

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Answer by Meagin
Saying that wouldnt be to creeppy.Well I think it would be cute.

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  1. don’t say “hey cutie :D” yet! start off with something like “heyy(;” if she thinks its too creepy just tell her your finger slipped and you meant to press the : instead of ; hahah

  2. You should say “hey what’s up” or your more urban say was good beautiful. Or how you doing ! Be creative but not to interested. Do seem desperate.

  3. Hey (:
    Heyyyyyyy Theree
    BOO. Lmfao Idk
    Hello Frannddddd of mine (LOL. don’t use that one)

    Saying hello isnt really that important when texting someone you like.. Just say something different and make shure u ask lots of questions, like “Tell me of your family” “Have any.. pets?” “Fave color?” “What type of musica do you like?” “Hows life?” etc etc etc.

    But don’t say “Hey Cutie” Untill ur friends friends, and u guys like to joke around and all.. So if u want to say that, say like “Heyy Cutie (Insert Creeper Face Here) Lmfao xD” Be chill and and all.. K hope I helped (:

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