Q&A: How to have confidence to talk to girls?

Question by Tayler: How to have confidence to talk to girls?
I’m really shy. I want to have a girlfriend but my shyness keeps from having one. I’m 15. I’m scared of rejection. How can I have confidence? Also I stutter when I talk to girls

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Answer by smiley
Heres a really good article that’ll help 🙂


It’s really detailed and will hopefully give you the confidence you need 🙂 Good luck! x

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  1. What you can do is to look at your inner game, sort of from the inside and out. You need to get in touch with the feelings you are trying to promote in order to be able to make her feel that way. If you want to make her feel exited, you need to first get in touch with your own excitement. You need to use minimum effort and have maximum awareness in a conversation with a girl.

    Take control and make decisions. Most girls like that and it will make you feel more confident and hopefully prevent you from stuttering.

    Take the initiative and ask questions at the right moments like: “why?” or “oh, how is that?” or “tell me more”, “that’s cool!” and the best: “that is an interesting thing about you”. Little things like that can take the conversation the right way where you are talking about something that is really important to her.

    Have a look at this web-page if you want to know more:

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