Q&A: How to get girls numbers (middle school)?

Question by Tim H.: How to get girls numbers (middle school)?
Okay well im 13 and all my friends have a bunch of girls numbers but i only have a few. When im with them they’re always texting girls and im not and it sucks. I just dont have the guts to ask a girl for their number idk why. Please help and thanks!

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Answer by Taylor C
im going to sound lame, kid, trust me, I was 13 four years ago, but you just look stupid when you’re obsessed with getting girls #’s at that age. be content with having friends with no romantic/sexual standards attached. when you get older and your frontal lobe develops a bit more, then you can get as many girl’s #’s as you want. for now though, jsut chill and enjoy your last 5 years of free public education.

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