Q&A: How to engage a girl in a text?

Question by SJC: How to engage a girl in a text?
I’ve been texting this girl I like for a really long time now, but it seems as if the convo’s are getting a little stale and I’m worrying that she is losing interest, what are some good ways to get a girl engaged in agood conversation? please help! Thank!s

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Answer by poopo
Maybe you should call her every once in a while. And talking to her in person will help lots. If you never see her, it’s hard to keep the interest up…

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  1. instead of starting with “hey” or “what’s up” have a conversational aim, like a question or comment about something. If she starts to be less engaged ask questions, and if it’s not working after a while just let it go and try again another day. Try to be flirty(a little suggestive but not over the top) and sarcastic/teasing, at least that’s always worked for me.

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