Q&A: How to differentiate friend zone from relationship zone in college?

Question by Alex: How to differentiate friend zone from relationship zone in college?
I’m having trouble with this because my crush asks me if I want to go watch a movie with her, but I think she is just being very friendly. She is funny and friendly with everyone we know. Over the past 2 Months she has started 11 text conversations with me and I have started 5 with her. They are usually academically oriented but we do exchange jokes. Nothing flirtacious really. She almost never sends me a smiley face but she always smiles when i joke in person. Recently I was with her and a few others in a meeting and a friend of ours asked if anyone wanted to get some food with her, I offered to go but my friend said no and then told my crush to come and said that they were going to talk about girl stuff…that usually means the same thing in my past experiences…. Which usually is about the relationship between me and the person I think is crushing on me. Then later that day our friend pulled most of my friends aside and left. When they came back the room felt awkward as if they knew something i didnt. All of her body language and texts suggest that she doesn’t like me but almost everything else like his she asks me if i want to hang out does because she likes to hang out with me one on one. How can I be sure if she is just friendly or if she actually likes me.

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Answer by Sayria
Just ask her…college is a good place to switch from the highschool type of behaviour where you just sit around for weeks wondering if she likes you or not…shes not going to be your only crush foreverso ask her an move on!

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