Q&A: How to build confidence to talk to girls?

Question by Dodgersfan92: How to build confidence to talk to girls?
I want to build the courage to talk to girlsin college. It’s not that i look bad because i’m actually a good looking guy i’m just too shy to talk to girls. I usually don’t know what to talk about and how to keep a conversation going. Like when a girl stares at me i want to approach them but i get nervous and don’t know what to say to them. In high school i never talked to girlsbecauseof my shyness but now i want this to change. How do i randomly go up to a girl and start talking to them?? please help

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  1. Just remember: if you don’t talk to them, the relationship won’t progress. If you do, you may become good friends, then leading into something more. You will benefit more by making an effort to talk to them. And girls looooooove it when guys take the initiative to talk to them, because most women love guy with confidence. But after that, don’t go thinking you need to change yourself up so girls will like you. I’m positive that one day, you will find the right girl.

  2. if you have sisters or close cousins or other female relatives that you can trust just have them role-play a random girl if you start get boring have them tell you so you know or your getting off topic e.t.c

  3. I’m a shy guy who’s dealt with something like this before. Find an excuse to talk to a girl. You can just make up one like “Hey, I need help with this.” and then try gradually getting into conversation. When you feel like the conversation is going to die, ask a question. Questions keep the conversation moving.

  4. It comes when you just put yourself out there a little and start talking to people. Girls dont care what you talk about! As long as your polite and you ask questions to get to know them I dont think you can go wrong. Once you start doing it, it becomes super easy. Because I was a hermit in high school and now I’m in College and I am very outgoing and confident with myself. Its something that comes with age as well you just find out who you are through experiences and it makes you more confident with who you are and makes talking to girls much easier!

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