Q&A: How to become better friends with girls?

Question by Revolvedful: How to become better friends with girls?
I’m a freshman in highschool looking to become more popular and less shy. (around girls)
I want some tips to be able to hold a conversation and not get shy or nervous. (around girls)
Maybe some conversation starters? (for girls)
I am friends with alot of girls in my classes but i want to be able to talk to them more and such
If someone can give me alot of answers and tips I would greatly appreciate it.

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Answer by clo
A good place to start is to talk about TV shows, Music, Movies or even something as simple as the weather!

If its coming up to the weekend ask them if they have anything exciting planned- just be careful that it doesn’t seem like you are trying to ask them out, or they may get a little freaked!!

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  1. well this is easy, to become friends with a girl all you have to do is be nice, go up be like hey start a convo about something random she likes. Then if your nice and relate, the girl will still talk to you and she will become your friend, from there be honest but tell her what she wants to hear. It is better if you start a convo with someone who looks like they are having a bad day and ask her whats wrong, if she refuses to tell, ask 3 times, no more no less, this shows your a good caring person, who would be a good person the befriend.

  2. well if you talk to them during class, just add them on fb and then say you have to go in the middle of a chat conversation.. then say well i gotta go text me.. BAM GOT THE DIGITS.

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