Q&A: How often should I text this girl I like?

Question by : How often should I text this girl I like?
I like this girl, and I feel like it’s obvious that she likes me too. I want to text her everyday but I don’t want her to get annoyed with me haha. So far we’ve texted each other everyday, she gave me her number (I didn’t even ask) and since then either I have texted her first on days or she has texted me first on days. But again…I don’t want to annoy her…ya know?

So my question still stands…how often should I text her without her getting annoyed? Any advice you have will help and is very much appreciated! 🙂

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Answer by maggie
It sounds like she really likes you! Now coming from the standpoint of a girl who has been in this girls situation, any time you text her is going to make her feel important and special so don’t worry about annoying her. When a girl likes you, she could talk to you forever!

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  1. It depends on how quickly she responds to your texts. If it is within a few minutes/seconds then, it’s obvious that she wants to talk to you. If the guy I like texts me, I’ll respond as soon as possible. AND it makes me very happy and excited to get texts from him. I know she must feel the same way about you, if she likes you. So, go ahead and text her everyday. It’ll make her happy. Especially if you text her “good morning” when you wake up and “good night” when you go to sleep…That’s really cute!!! Anyway, I Don’t think she will get annoyed if you text her a lot…just don’t send like five text messages in a row or say “hey” more than once…that can get a little annoying. I hope I could help!! Good Luck! 🙂

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