Q&A: How often should I text her if she always texts back?

Question by Questionguy: How often should I text her if she always texts back?
Whenever I text this girl she will always text back rather fast within about 1-2 minutes. We usually have a pretty long conversation about random stuff until either one of use decides to go. If she always replies and with joking texts does this mean she at least doesn’t find it annoying?

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Answer by PeaceMaker
not at all annoying,she might like you.

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  1. don’t text everything back. It will keep her wanting. But DO NOT BRUSH OFF. then you seem as if you don’t give

  2. Well, I have a guy who I text often. We’re not close friends, but he’s a talker. Sometimes he starts the conversation, sometimes I do.

    You’re kind of like the guy I text, and I’m like the girl you text.
    I don’t find it annoying when he texts me. I like talking to him about stuff,
    because I know he’s not annoyed… I think x)

    And yeah, she may like you, because I kind of like the guy I text. hahahaha.

  3. no if she found it annoying she wouldn’t text back or if she did she would only hold little conversations with you then say i have to go

  4. No, she doesnt find it annoying (:
    But dont text alll the time, you start the text/convo & then take abotu 3 min to answer, & dont always text her, soemtimes dont text for a whole, day & shell think in her head (why didnt he text me, did i do soemthign wrong) etc & it will drive her crazy lol..

  5. “You have long conversations about random stuff”, seems to me that the two of you click very well so far. Don’t read too much into what’s happening, just enjoy the friendship and your chats.

  6. Hm, I’d Say You Should Atleast Give it About 2-3 minutes tops. Make it seem like your nott too anxious to text back. It also seems like she likes you and wants to keep talking. When you need to go do chores, text BRB so she’ll know you didn’t just ditch her. Maybe get to know her more and ask her stuff about herself so you’ll know more things she likes. Hoped I helped 🙂 Best of luck

  7. You’ll probably get annoyed with it long before she does. Teenage girls seem to be obsessed with texting and they seldom get tired of it. Personally I think a little goes a long way. Texting is good for quick messages like “Are we still on for tonight?” or “I’ll be a few minutes late,” but it’s a really cumbersome way to carry on a full conversation. I’d rather talk if it turns into a conversation.

  8. it may mean she likes you, but maybe not.
    maybe she just likes talking to you, and having nice conversations.
    so no, she doesn’t find it annoying.

  9. probably not that annoyed if she is replying so quickly, Dont text all that much though because then maybe she will find it annoying

  10. well it depends are you guys going out or does she like you.. if soo then you can talk to her every day or every other day about random stuff and whenever if its important if not then idk

  11. well you know her more then we do so your the only one who woulds really know. im sure what you think it is is more or less right no two girls or guys are the same no matter how many people say they are.

    Im sure that you know and just not confidant meaning Simply you don’t trust you own judgment. Wow im philosophical this morning ain’t I?

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