Q&A: How often should I text a girl if I know she likes me?

Question by Shaun: How often should I text a girl if I know she likes me?
Ok I’ve been working out at the gym with this girl who I met recently and the sexual attraction is almost through the roof. Whenever I’m around her like my whole body gets warm and weird and in know she feels the same way about me too.

We just had a long texting conversation with lots of flirting and emoticons and hahahas/lols.. I told her that she was fun to work out with and she’s like “u r too!”

Should I start the conversation again this morning or should I let her text me first or should I even not have a conversation with her today?

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Answer by Dayzed
Hi 🙂

I’ve been in this situation before. You don’t want to appear too keen with this girl, otherwise you look like a pushover – trust me, girls don’t like keen guys. Leave it for today, and text her tomorrow. If she texts you at some point today, then you will definitely know that she likes you and enjoys talking to you.

Good luck, and congratulations! I really, really hope everything works out for you. 🙂

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